018.  Baked!

My friends and family seem to appreciate my cooking, some of my experiments have been hits & yes, there were a lot of misses too, but overall the praises I get from them should mean I’m a decent cook…right? Otherwise, there are a lot of very polite people out there :p.  I originally did not like to cook at all.  I loathed the kitchen to the extent of never wanting to set foot in it unless I got really hungry and needed to rummage for a bite to eat in the fridge or pantry. I hated chopping and peeling and my biggest antagonist in the kitchen is frying! Frying foods and dealing with hot lard was never and probably will never be my forte.  But I’ve changed and grown and have been taking on challenges in the kitchen all thanks to the Food Network.  I’ve only really started cooking and experimenting with recipes ‘coz I LOVE TO EAT.  Watching all those cooking shows made cooking look so easy and I really wanted to taste what I saw on TV so I tried to cook it myself.  So that’s how I’ve made peace with the stove & the kitchen.  My relationship with hot lard is still a work in progress, but with more and more recipes that I need to try out, it’ll get there :p.  This was probably one of the longest introductions I’ve ever done! Lolz!

My actual goal was to highlight my original love for baking.  I was exaggerating a bit when I said I’d never set foot on the kitchen to do any manual labour.  Truth is, I bake…It’s one of the things I love doing.  I used to sell muffins & cookies during the holidays and package them in elaborately decorated cans & boxes (and yes, Jon, if you get to read this…I know I still owe you your favourites. It’ll come soon I promise ,-p).  I think one of the things that attracted me to baking is the ease of the tasks.  You measure, you mix, stick it in the oven, do 1 or 2 song & dance numbers while waiting, take it out and eat!  Baking is one of those things that bring me both pleasure and tranquillity.  In a sense, my thoughts are more quiet while I’m baking ,-).  It’s been a long while though since I last created a batch of chocolate chip cookies.  I did however get to reunite with the mixer and oven today.  Seeing that all the ingredients were available, and with lack of anything substantial to do I’ve once again made a fresh batch of cookies and cupcakes!  I baked at around 8 am ‘coz I was expecting today would be hot and it was, so while I was slaving away in the kitchen I think I got baked while baking too…haha!  I took pictures to share ‘coz sadly I couldn’t share the goodies with you all so hopefully the photos will do :p.  I will need to have my guinea pigs (Tito, Vic, and Joey a.k.a. MJ, Mike, and Popo ) taste test it tomorrow.  I’ll figure out a way to share these baked goodies with you all soon ^__^ 

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