015. I’m a GAP Scents Kinda Girl ,-)

When I pick my scents I want to make sure they’re not too main stream.  I like my choice of perfumes to have some sort of esoteric quality that will allow people in my life or people I meet to remember me whenever they get a whiff of that scent.  I want them to go “ Hey, that smells like Gail” when they smell freshly cut grass & banana leaves, or a pomelo fruit.  Yes, grass! :D 

I have fallen in love with Gap Grass ever since I was given a bottle over a decade ago.  I’ve owned each and every one of the Gap Grass bottles, from the short stumpy one, to the tall frosted one, and now the tall clear glass cylinder.  I was disappointed when Gap decided to discontinue its production years ago.  But I’m pretty ecstatic now that they’ve brought it back. 

When I couldn’t get any bottle of Gap Grass I settled for Gap’s So Pink.  Pink is a bit more of a seller than Grass but I just couldn’t seem to resist the flowery citrusy aroma.  There was a time when I tried Gap Heaven too but I prefer Johnson’s Heaven baby cologne.  I prefer my scents to be a little light and not overpowering, the kind that allows you to spray it all over yourself and still avoid asphyxiating whoever’s nearby. 

My phone has a funny but surprisingly accurate Ap that describes you and your preferred scents.

Gap Grass: If you love the freshness of nature, this grass scent is for you.  A blend of fresh grass and floral scents, the true power of its fragrance captures the real essence of nature itself.

Gap Pink: If you are loveable and soft, this sweet, fruity scent is for you.  This mixture of citrus and floral scent gives off a uniquely subtle and sweet scent and a fresh, soft, enchanting aroma.

…of course, later on as I kept inputting a lot of other perfumes I noticed how this application plays with its adjectives…kinda redundant actually. Lolz!

I just needed to post this so when I get toreview my posts over the weekend I’d remember to re-stock my perfume supply…I’m about to run out L