All types of genius need a medium and an audience to test it on

The heading and title for another one of my old blogs. Lolz! I knowwww…ANOTHER ONE!

This is where I published some of my poems. I still have some stashed away in an aging notebook somewhere.  When I get to find it, I’ll have to decide if I want to share it.  If memory serves me right the reason why I hadn’t posted it years ago was to allow more room for improvement.  Sadly my L.A.S. got in the way and editing those poems has been postponed indefinitely. =))

Psychotic Notions Unearthed (The Mermaid Blogs)

One of the blogs I’ve maintained in the past as an outlet and as a means for exercising my writing.  I decided to terminate it when, like all other personal blogs, I got too busy to update it. Trying to write in a perspective of someone fictional can be a task too daunting *sigh*

One of my discontinued blogs.  My old blogs were brought up in conversation last night that I decided to revisit them.  I’m thinking of resurrecting my blogspot but I have completely forgotten my password.  So I think I’ll just migrate some of my posts to tumblr ^__^ 

"A Consortium of Randomness Part 1"

A Consortium of Randomness Part 1 (May 11 Post)

I’ve both enjoyed and detested almost half a year of being a bum. I’m almost approaching my 6th month of bum hood and aside from broadening my movie data bank I honestly haven’t done anything astoundingly productive. Since I’ve yet to motivate myself into taking another dead end job just so I could pay my bills on time I have decided at this very moment to start a blog series bullet pointing random facts and trivia that I have managed to gather within the day through the internet, TV, DVD’s, Books, Magazines or whatever “aha!” moment I’ve managed to slip into my consciousness. And here it goes…so be it & doggawnit here’s to the start of my productivity, God help humanity! =pRead more…

010. I’m no Grammar Police…

…not really :p One of the reasons why I rarely blog is because of my OCB with grammar.  It’s something that developed when I was tasked to be an editor for a magazine at one of the company’s I used to work for.  That’s why every time I try to post or submit anything w/ paragraphs typed, I make sure and double check that my sentence construction and vocabulary is decent enough to read without having to have the reader wrinkle their foreheads, have their brows meet, or have them scratch their heads at wondering what I meant by what I wrote.  It is, in truth, disconcerting to be reading a piece that seems interesting at the beginning but when you hit a mis-used word or a mis-constructed phrase the pleasure from reading has been sullied by an ill-composed sentence (imagine reading a piece w/ multiple mishaps!).  Now, I’m not claiming to be a pro at writing, God no! And to be honest, I’m a pretty lame speller (:”>), I’m not even one to use highfaluting words to try and impress you with my vocabulary or to make it seem like I’m really smart…No!  My goal in writing is usually just to get an idea or my point across to the reader in the easiest way possible.  I want to make sure that my idea is brought across so effectively that it sinks in to your brain the same way a tick burrows itself into flesh, and in my opinion the only way that can happen is by making sure the delivery is clean, simple, and direct to the point.  I wouldn’t want my readers to have to cringe when they hit a bad sentence and I try to avoid having them needing to take out a dictionary to check on the meaning of a word.  So if you find me posting a piece with some grammar lapses, that’s just me being lazy (and that’s a different story :p haha!).