014. I Love Watching CARTOONS!!! :”>

I still watch cartoons at my age…and I’m old (please don’t ask how old!).  But I’m lucky ‘coz I live in an age where it doesn’t matter what your age is, nobody will judge you for what you watch.  If and when time permits, I spend time updating myself on episodes or webisodes of Phineas & Ferb, Fairly Odd Parents, Totally Spies, Pucca, Ni Hao Kai Lan, Spongebob, & Penguins of Madagascar (some of my current faves).  I also buy DVD copies of the “more mature in content” series of Simpsons (of course!), Family Guy, and American Dad.  I also try to stay tuned to the young adult sitcoms.  I used to watch Lizy Maguire & Hanna Montana (**blushes** teehee, yes I watch her show :”>) but I’m currently keeping tabs on Victorious (This is why I have a girl crush on Ariana Grande) and sometimes I-Carly.  I’m kinda bummed that they discontinued Dave the Barbarian (It was sooo friggin’ heeelarious, bring it back pls!) & Kimpossible, it’s a good thing they’re re-airing episodes of Kimpossible on Disney now.  So yeah, I love me my cartoons…or to be more PC and grown up about it, let me say…I LOVE MY ANIMATED SERIES ,-p