…just one name ^__^


…just one name ^__^

Yes, I don’t find myself pretty. It’s not false humility, and I’m not  fishing for compliments. I think I am average, plain, and simple…and I like it that way.  When somebody does throw a compliment my way about my appearance I think them kind and sweet that they can see something special in how I present myself to the world. I thank them sincerely for their generous words because I cannot negate an opinion. I consider their compliments gifts from the heart for the heart. I do not think of myself as ugly either because I know I was made special by the maker. I’m different, unique, not perfect but most certainly a work in progress, and quite possibly with Gods plan…a masterpiece.

I’m ok with not being known as that girl with perfect skin, legs that go on for days, hair to be envied, a slender body, or a fashion sense to die for…things that fade…things that tend to disappear most especially when they have nothing significant associated to them other than being physical traits.

The beautiful people are those who I surround myself with. Family and friends…loved ones who I’ve grown to know, trust and care about. I yearn and strive to be like my loved ones. People with kind and generous hearts who are ready to help you the minute you cry out in need. These are people with gentle and nurturing spirits who concern themselves with your nightmares and/or dreams, who involve themselves in  your fears or failures and/or success . The beautiful in my life are the people who have left quite an extraordinary impression in my heart, that when I go back and revisit a memory, I smile at the simple thought of how they showed love to me.

But here’s an honest confession, there was a time when I filled my head with thoughts of wanting to have better skin, an ideal weight, hair that can catch anyones attention and style that was envied..I have since left that to the World to die. I have now brought my thoughts and focus to things that are more valued by my heavenly father.

I want a heart so kind and generous that peoples hearts get filled with joy. I want to develop a sense of wanting to be personally involved in the lives of those around me to let them know that someone cares. I want arms and hands that are constantly and readily open to comfort and support anyone who needs it. I want a smile (despite it being broken and awkward) to be so full of sincerity that it washes away the pain of whoever receives it (even if it were momentary). I want eyes (despite them looking fatigued) that can see what’s special in every individual. I want a spirit so full of love that whenever I enter a room I get to change the mood into something positive, I get to put a smile on someones face because they are comforted by a feeling that they know I am a friend, that they can trust me, that I care for them, and that I am there to let them know they are extraordinary and special too.

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry once wrote: “What is essential is invisible to the eye.” I appreciate people who think that, at times, in the physical I can be easy on the eyes, but I will most definitely appreciate it more if the compliment was for what my heart is and will be capable of.

** <3 **
…not quite there yet…still a work in progress ^__^

018.  Baked!

My friends and family seem to appreciate my cooking, some of my experiments have been hits & yes, there were a lot of misses too, but overall the praises I get from them should mean I’m a decent cook…right? Otherwise, there are a lot of very polite people out there :p.  I originally did not like to cook at all.  I loathed the kitchen to the extent of never wanting to set foot in it unless I got really hungry and needed to rummage for a bite to eat in the fridge or pantry. I hated chopping and peeling and my biggest antagonist in the kitchen is frying! Frying foods and dealing with hot lard was never and probably will never be my forte.  But I’ve changed and grown and have been taking on challenges in the kitchen all thanks to the Food Network.  I’ve only really started cooking and experimenting with recipes ‘coz I LOVE TO EAT.  Watching all those cooking shows made cooking look so easy and I really wanted to taste what I saw on TV so I tried to cook it myself.  So that’s how I’ve made peace with the stove & the kitchen.  My relationship with hot lard is still a work in progress, but with more and more recipes that I need to try out, it’ll get there :p.  This was probably one of the longest introductions I’ve ever done! Lolz!

My actual goal was to highlight my original love for baking.  I was exaggerating a bit when I said I’d never set foot on the kitchen to do any manual labour.  Truth is, I bake…It’s one of the things I love doing.  I used to sell muffins & cookies during the holidays and package them in elaborately decorated cans & boxes (and yes, Jon, if you get to read this…I know I still owe you your favourites. It’ll come soon I promise ,-p).  I think one of the things that attracted me to baking is the ease of the tasks.  You measure, you mix, stick it in the oven, do 1 or 2 song & dance numbers while waiting, take it out and eat!  Baking is one of those things that bring me both pleasure and tranquillity.  In a sense, my thoughts are more quiet while I’m baking ,-).  It’s been a long while though since I last created a batch of chocolate chip cookies.  I did however get to reunite with the mixer and oven today.  Seeing that all the ingredients were available, and with lack of anything substantial to do I’ve once again made a fresh batch of cookies and cupcakes!  I baked at around 8 am ‘coz I was expecting today would be hot and it was, so while I was slaving away in the kitchen I think I got baked while baking too…haha!  I took pictures to share ‘coz sadly I couldn’t share the goodies with you all so hopefully the photos will do :p.  I will need to have my guinea pigs (Tito, Vic, and Joey a.k.a. MJ, Mike, and Popo ) taste test it tomorrow.  I’ll figure out a way to share these baked goodies with you all soon ^__^ 

View from cousins place. Lorong Mydin, Astoria Park. (Taken with picplz.)

View from cousins place. Lorong Mydin, Astoria Park. (Taken with picplz.)

Rainy empty Eastwood Open Park&#8230;I hope our flight pushes through today. (Taken with picplz.)

Rainy empty Eastwood Open Park…I hope our flight pushes through today. (Taken with picplz.)

A cuppa hot cocoa with pretty little marshmallows for a cool rainy Tuesday morning. Hope you all are having a great day so far. Keep it awesome! ^__^ (Taken with picplz.)

A cuppa hot cocoa with pretty little marshmallows for a cool rainy Tuesday morning. Hope you all are having a great day so far. Keep it awesome! ^__^ (Taken with picplz.)

 chelleystrip said: cuuuuttee!i want one for mine too!where can i buy?how muchie? :)

 badassgail : Greenhills babe. P99 only, but I’m sure it’s cheaper somewhere in Divi…will need to look for that stall though.  They also have passport holder in Trinoma, one of the stalls in between stores on the 1st floor, lolz…I forgot which area, maybe near Face Shop??? not sure :$ But their designs are just plain, the colors are cute though, P99 also ^__^


It’s the season of giving and I’d like to encourage you all to donate what you can to a charity of your choice.  Click HERE to find out the inspiring stories of this years CNN Heroes nominees and contribute to their cause.  I believe that you are more blessed when you keep giving.

"Give generously to him and do so without a grudging heart; then because of this the LORD your God will bless you in all your work and in everything you put your hand to. (Deuteronomy 15:10)” 

A generous man will himself be blessed, for he shares his food with the poor.( Proverbs 22:9)”

“So we must not grow weary in doing good, for in due time we will reap, if we do not give up. 6:10 So then, whenever we have an opportunity, let us do good to all people, and especially to those who belong to the family of faith.( Galatians 6:9-10)” 

I thank God that there are still people out there trying to make this world a better place.  I hope and pray that they be blessed more so they can continue to be a blessing to others. And I pray that you too be blessed for your generosity.  

Merry Christmas all! ^__^

Twitter Goal =^__^=

This post has all the possibilities of being ludicrous since I am about to turn something insignificant to something of a big deal.  I’ve learned that you have to keep challenging yourself no matter how little the task or goal may be…there will always be room for improvement.  So I’ve set a goal for myself to reach 10,000 tweets by the end of this year.  To show you how serious I am in reaching this goal I’ve even attempted to do some math (to which, honestly, I am incompetent at) just so I can know what kind of Herculean Task I’ve set myself up against!

There are as of today 57 days left before the New Year.  I currently have 5,651  tweets, which leaves me with 4,349 tweets to reach my 10k goal.   4,349 tweets distributed to 57 days would require me to come up with at least 77 tweets per day!  77 tweets distributed throughout the day would mean that I at least tweet 3 to 4 times in an hour (give or take :p).  Naturally, it would be highly impracticable for me to be tweeting on all hours of the day. I do need to eat, sleep, and do all other personal crap so I can stay functional and come up with adequate tweets.  So take away at least 10 hours from a day dedicated to down time and that leaves us with 14 glorious productive hours.  This would now mean that I have to come up with 5 to 6 tweets per hour within my “productive” time.  Oih! My heads starting to throb and I don’t know if it’s from realizing that I have put too much on my plate or if it’s from the computations I had just done!? Lolz!

Good luck to that! ~.~

F1 Halloween Special @__@

I have developed another annoying habit which is waking up early on weekends.  I know you’re supposed to enjoy staying in bed longer as a reward for dragging your lazy butt off from bed during ungodly hours on weekdays just so you can get to work on time, but I guess when your 5 day routine involves waking up at a certain time it carries over to your weekend.  Today, I was up at 6am.  I was the only one up, and since I was the only one attending Sunday Mass this morning I decided to get ready for church early.  I gathered my showering gear and as I stepped out from the bedroom into the foyer I saw how beautiful the Christmas tree looked with the morning light shining in from our windows.  I figured I’d share pictures of our Christmas tree to show how they finished decorating it beautifully last night. I was at the top of our staircase ‘coz it had a better view of the tree.  With me at the top of the stairs lying flat on the rectangular coffee table was a Santa doll, I figured they weren’t completely done with putting up the Christmas decorations ‘coz I thought he was a little out of place just lying there among the regular junk.  After selecting and sharing a satisfactory photo I sluggishly dragged my still sleepy feet into the downstairs bathroom to take a shower.  I usually spend 30 minutes to an hour in the bathroom…today, it was a little over an hour (heehee).  After my usual cleansing rituals I spent a few minutes on my cousins laptop synching the Ipod, opened the French doors to our dining area so our house companions could enter and start their daily chores.  As soon as I did a time check I headed back up to the bedroom to start getting dressed. When I reached the top of the staircase I was a bit petrified by what I saw.  The Santa doll that was on the coffee table was no longer lying there but instead was skillfully made to sit on the ledge of our staircase. I didn’t want to panic over something that could have a simple logical explanation to it so I just dismissed the observation and calmly made my way back into the bedroom (but I was definitely panicking on the inside).  While I was getting dressed I was mentally trying to process all possible theories to explain what I saw.  It couldn’t have been our house companions ‘coz I didn’t see anyone of them enter the house, It couldn’t have been my Aunt ‘coz her bedroom door was still shut, it couldn’t have been my cousin ‘coz she was still tucked in cozily in her bed, and it couldn’t have been me daydreaming ‘coz I wasn’t half asleep when I left my bed.  I had to find a logical explanation to this for MY PEACE OF MIND!  When I was fully dressed and waiting for my hair to dry my cousin finally wakes up, I asked if she woke up earlier to finish up decorating & went back to bed…she said no.  When I went back down into the dining area for breakfast I asked both our “Manangs” if they fixed the Santa doll at the top of the staircase, after a few puzzled looks, I explained why I was asking and they both said no.  Now, by process of elimination this leaves my Aunt as the culprit to the mysterious moving Santa doll.  Although I’ve been receiving spooky experiences about our home from some “gifted” friends whom I’ve invited over to the house in the past this has never really “fully” spooked me out ‘coz I haven’t had any actual ghostly encounters…up until today.  I’ve yet to confirm with my Aunt if she managed to get out of bed early in the morning just to sit that Santa doll up. Until I do, for the meantime, this was a good pre-Halloween scare, dontcha think? 

***Photo of the Santa doll this morning…

creepy santa

All types of genius need a medium and an audience to test it on

The heading and title for another one of my old blogs. Lolz! I knowwww…ANOTHER ONE!

This is where I published some of my poems. I still have some stashed away in an aging notebook somewhere.  When I get to find it, I’ll have to decide if I want to share it.  If memory serves me right the reason why I hadn’t posted it years ago was to allow more room for improvement.  Sadly my L.A.S. got in the way and editing those poems has been postponed indefinitely. =))

Psychotic Notions Unearthed (The Mermaid Blogs)

One of the blogs I’ve maintained in the past as an outlet and as a means for exercising my writing.  I decided to terminate it when, like all other personal blogs, I got too busy to update it. Trying to write in a perspective of someone fictional can be a task too daunting *sigh*

The day I fell in love with Tigers ^__^

The day I fell in love with Tigers ^__^

One of my discontinued blogs.  My old blogs were brought up in conversation last night that I decided to revisit them.  I’m thinking of resurrecting my blogspot but I have completely forgotten my password.  So I think I’ll just migrate some of my posts to tumblr ^__^