Planning A Special Valentines.

I’m thinking I should be extra sweeter this coming February. I know the whole Valentines Holiday is  a bit over rated and cheesy and preposterously consumeristic but I’d like to indulge and celebrate my love for the guy in my life on a day where its allowed and encouraged to be overly sweet & romantic to the point where its squeamishly cheesy. I understand that you don’t need a holiday to remind you to appreciate your loved ones. Showing you love your special someone should be a whenever everyday thing.  

I’ve already ordered the first part of the surprise and I’m currently stuck with the dilemma of claiming it when its finally available.  It has to be picked up in Manila, and with my genius commuting skills (which is pretty much zilch) I have no idea how to get there without my boyfriend. Obviously I couldn’t ask him to accompany me ‘coz that would ruin the surprise and the place is too far to cab it ‘coz that would cost me a fortune and I’m trying to save up more money for the rest of the surprise. I’ve decided to just go ahead and yield to my adventurous side and commute to Manila on my own. If it doesn’t work out, welllll…there will always be cabs =))

I’m hoping he appreciates the leaps and lengths I’ll be needing to go through to make this extra special for him. Hayyyy…the things you do for love… =))